Curry County Assessor’s Office Conducts Re-Appraisal

On March 1, 2017 the Curry County Assessor’s Office will start a reappraisal of all property in Curry County. The County Appraisers will start conducting on-site visits to every property located within Curry County on a 5-year cycle.

All types of properties will be visited including residential, commercial, mobile homes and agricultural based land and structures. The appraisers will be verifying size, condition, and usage, as well as any additions to the home and/or buildings.

The last time that these properties were physically inspected by the County Assessor’s Office was 2005, with the exception of Mobile Homes, which were reappraised in 2014.  While most of these inspections will be conducted from the exterior of the property, the appraisers will still inform the owner that they are on-site.  If access is needed to the property and the occupant is not home, notification will be left with contact information for the land owner.

All appraisers will have identification (ID) badges that will inform tax payers of their affiliation with the County. Vehicles will also identity our appraisers with government license plates as well as signage on the exterior.

The County values property through market trending, a process of analyzing property sales through the year and trending the properties based on the sales study, but this must be supplemented with periodic physical reappraisals to recognize the changes that may have taken place over the years.

The project is expected to last no longer than six (6) months, each year.  If you have any questions or comments regarding the reappraisal, please contact the Curry County Assessor’s Office at 575-763-5731 or email cmorrison@currycounty.org.



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