Red Ribbon Week – October 23 – 31, 2017

WHEREAS, Alcohol and other drug abuse in this nation has reached epidemic stages; and

WHEREAS, It is imperative that visible, unified prevention education efforts by community members be launched to eliminate the demand for drugs; and

WHEREAS, The National Family Partnership is sponsoring the National Red Ribbon
Campaign® offering citizens the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to drug-
free lifestyles (no use of illegal drugs, no illegal use of legal drugs); and

WHEREAS, The National Red Ribbon Campaign® will be celebrated in every community in America during “Red Ribbon Week®”, October 23-31; and

WHEREAS, Business, government, parents, law enforcement, media, medical, religious institutions, schools, senior citizens, service organizations and youth will demonstrate their commitment to healthy, drug-free lifestyles by wearing and displaying Red Ribbons during this week-long campaign; and

WHEREAS, Curry County further commits its resources to ensure the success of the Red Ribbon Campaign®;

NOW THERFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that Curry County does hereby proclaim October 23 -31, 2017, as RED RIBBON WEEK® and encourages its citizens to participate in drug prevention education activities, making a visible statement that we are strongly committed to a drug – free state.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have here unto subscribed my name to be affixed this 3rd day of October 2017.

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