Clerk’s Office

Annie Hogland
Curry County Clerk

417 Gidding St., Suite #130
Clovis, NM 88101
Phone: (575) 763-5591
Fax: (575) 763-4232



Our Mission: Curry County Clerk’s office strives to provide informative, efficient and courteous customer service. We ensure that our office is accessible to those searching our public records, while continuing to maintain fulfillment of our other duties to the public. Further, the Clerk’s office is dedicated to insuring the highest level of integrity in the County’s election process.

Responsibilities: The County Clerk is an elected county official. Some of the responsibilities of the office include:
• Handling voter registration and election administration
• Acting as ex-officio clerk of the County Probate Court
• Acting as ex-officio clerk to the Curry County Board of Commissioners, creating and maintaining minutes of the board for permanent record
• Recording, filing and preserving all types of documents submitted for public and permanent record, i.e. deeds, mortgages, agreements, etc.
• Issuing Marriage Licenses and maintaining database for permanent record

Documents recorded in the office of the County Clerk are permanent public records, and in accordance with §14-8-9.1 NMSA 1978, are subject to inspection and disclosure.

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Recording and Filing

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Marriage Licenses

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Fireworks Licenses

Proclamation Restricting Fireworks – June 2018
Curry County Ordinance #2017-01: Fire Protection, Regulating Storage and Sale of Fireworks, Repealing Ord. 93-2
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Informational Resources

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