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Currently Open:

ITB 2018/19-03: Inmate Medical Services(Closes 10/11/18) – Addendum #1
ITB 2018/19-04: Non-Spec Caliche for the Curry County Road Department(Closes 10/3/18)


ITB 2017/18-12: Attorney and Legal Services(Closed 9/13/18)
ITB 2018/19-03: Purchase of Two Used Dump Trucks for Road Department(Closed 8/23/18)
Invitation to Bid No. 2018/19-02(Closed 8/16/18) – Addendum #1
Hauling and Delivery of Caliche, Road Material, Rental of Trucks for County Road Dept.(Closed 8/14/18)
Inmate Medical Services for Adult and Juvenile Detention Centers(Closed 8/8/18)
Inmate Medical Services(Closed 7/20/18) – Addendum #1
Electronic Payment Services(Closed 7/11/18) – Addendum #1
Legal Services for Opioid Litigation(Closed 7/11/18) – Advertisement
Professional Engineering Services for Curry County Roads & Projects(Closed 6/27/18)
Hot Mix Cold Lay & Hot Mix Material for the Curry County Road Department(Closed 6/22/18)
Professional Architectural Services for Curry County Courthouse(Closed 5/31/18)
Naming Rights for the Curry County Events Center(Closed 5/29/18)
Audit Services(Closed 3/27/18)
Purchase of Used Semi-Trucks for County Road Dept.(Closed 3/28/18)
Medical Services for the Clovis Health Clinic (Closed 3/29/18)
Inmate Commissary Services for Curry County Adult and Juvenile Detention Center (Closed 3/14/18) – Addendum #1
Curry County Detention Center Additions and Renovations (Closed 2/16/18)
Non-Spec Crushed Caliche for Areas Around Melrose & Broadview/Grady (Closed 1/4/18)    (Addendum #1 – Addendum #2)
Professional Engineering Services for Curry County Roads and Projects (Closed 12/27/17) – Memo of Rejection
Curry County Road Barn (Closed 10/26/17) – Addendum #1
Office Supplies, Toner & Paper (Closed 9/22/17)
Master Control Panel for the Juvenile Detention Center (Closed 7/21/17)
Hauling of Caliche and Other Road Materials (Closed 7/10/17)
Re-roofing Project at Courthouse & Juvenile Detention Center (Closed 7/13/17)
Improvement County Road D (Closed 4/18/17)
Improvement County Road L (Closed 4/18/17)
Request for Proposal No. 2016/2017-05: Plumbing Services (Closed 2/10/17)
Request for Proposal No. 2016/2017-06: Invitation to Bid Heating/ Air Conditioning Services (Closed 2/6/17)
Request for Proposal No. 2016/2017-05: Chip Seal Aggregate For Curry County Road Department (Closed 2/9/17)
Request for Proposal No. 2016/2017-03: Senior Center Management Services (Closed 1/12/17)

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