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Funding for these efforts come from (1) liquor excise taxes, administered by the New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration, (2) fees paid by convicted DWI offenders in local courts, (3) and other funds.

Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention

Evidence Based Prevention efforts are in place to address the needs of elementary school students. An example of the curriculum that is presented in elementary classes shows the dangers and consequences of substance abuse among young people. Support is provided to the youth programs at schools throughout Curry County. The New Mexico State Police and Melrose Police Department conduct prevention classes at least two evenings a week targeting our youth population.  Media campaigns are conducted through print and radio advertisements at different times through out the year, especially around holidays and school events where drinking is prevalent.  The Curry County DWIprogram and the Curry County DWI Taskforce also participate in alcohol free events at prom.


The Curry County Sheriff’s Office, City of Clovis Police Department, NM State Police, Texico Police, Melrose Police, and the Special Investigations Division of the Department of Public Safety collaborate in conducting activities such as DWI checkpoints, DWI saturation patrols, DWI warrant enforcement, public educational events, and underage drinking enforcement efforts.

Alternative Sentencing
The Curry County DWI Program supports alternative sentencing for both youth and adults. Current programs for young persons include Teen Court and electronic monitoring through our local detention center.

The Curry County DWI Program supports screening of DWI Offenders for both the District and the Magistrate courts. The mandatory screening process results in recommendations to the judges and treatment providers regarding sentencing based upon the severity of the offender’s alcohol problems and treatment programs needed.

Compliance Monitoring

DWI offenders are tracked to ensure compliance with court ordered sanctions through the DWI Court Compliance Monitor placed in the Magistrate Office.

Outpatient Treatment
DWI Offenders are screened and assessed through The Curry County DWI Program. A licensed therapist completes a detailed assessment with each offender individually. The therapist then makes a recommendation for necessary treatment and determines the level of care that is appropriate. If a recommendation is made, it becomes mandatory for an offender to complete the treatment per court sentence.


The County has a DWI Coordinator that administers the day to day operations of the program, which include the managing of funds and attending legislative meetings to request additional funding.  The Coordinator works closely with the NM Department of Finance and Administration and the Curry County DWI Task Force in order to comply with bylaws and contract requirements as set forth by the state.  Statistics are reported to the Task Force quarterly by all agencies involved in the local DWI program. This information is reported by the coordinator to the Department of Finance and Administration on a quarterly basis for reimbursement of funds.

For additional information on DWI efforts and statistics in the State of New Mexico, please visit New Mexico DWI Coordinators Affiliate at http://www.nmdwi.org.

Contact Information:

Ron Shafer, Curry County Court Compliance (575)763-5639, Email

Dan Thompson, Curry County Court Compliance (575)763-5639, Email

Ruby Garcia, Screenings (teens), Teen Court, & Prevention (575)763-7725, Email

Scherrie Hartman, Screenings (teens), Teen Court, & Prevention
(575)763-7725, Email