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Res. #2019-22: Resolution in Support and Opposition of Proposed Legislation

Post Date:03/05/2019 12:48 PM



WHEREAS, The Board of County Commissioners of Curry County were elected to represent the citizens of Curry County and to take action on matters that are relevant to the operations and management of Curry County and beneficial to the citizens, businesses, and entities located in Curry County; and

WHEREAS, The New Mexico Legislature is meeting and is considering and proposing the enactment of various bills; and

WHEREAS, The Board of County Commissioners of Curry County has, in an open meeting on this 5th day of March, 2019, reviewed and discussed proposed legislation that would have an impact or an effect upon the citizens of Curry County.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Commissioners of Curry County understand how hard our Legislators work and that it is important for them to receive input from the citizens of New Mexico on those issues they are to vote on.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Board of County Commissioners of Curry County hereby support and request the New Mexico Legislature approve and adopt the following bills:

  1. SENATE BILL 192; An act relating to Incarceration; providing for Judicial Discretion to release Inmates who are pregnant or lactating.


  2. SENATE BILL 442; An act relating to public records; allowing a custodian of public records to charge a reasonable fee for electronic documents.


  3. SENATE BILL 446; An act relating to public employees’ retirements; separating the Public Employee Retirement Act provisions relating to normal retirement and return-to-work requirements; beginning July 1, 2019, changing the return-to-work requirements for the new return-to-work retired members; continuing pensions, suspending cost-of-living adjustments and requiring non-refundable contributions and certain return-to-work cases; allowing affiliated public employers to make both employer and member contributions for return-to-work retired member; limiting the number of returned-to-work retired members employed by certain Counties and municipalities; continuing certain exceptions from returned-to-work criteria; changing the effect on pensions of retired members who have become elected officials.


  4. SENATE BILL 511; An act relating to pubic finance; consolidating the industrial revenue bond statutes applicable to Counties and those applicable to Municipalities; changing the types of projects eligible for industrial revenue bond financing; redefining the areas in which local governments may acquire industrial revenue bond projects; providing a process for local governments and other local taxing entities to agree to receive payments in lieu of taxes or other consideration; providing for payments in lieu of taxes to the State for certain projects; allowing certain contributions by local governments toward industrial revenue bond projects.


  5. HOUSE BILL 67; An act making an appropriation to the Department of Health to fund County and Tribal Health Councils.


  6. HOUSE BILL 154; An act relating to public finance; discontinuing the annual transfer of money from the Law Enforcement Protection Fund to the General Fund; changing distribution from a Law Enforcement Protection Fund.


  7. HOUSE BILL 201; An act relating to taxation; creating an optional designation for a personal income tax contribution to County Road Funds; creating the County Road Fund Donation Income Tax Credit and the County Road Fund Donation Corporate Income Tax Credit.


  8. HOUSE BILL 479; An act relating to taxation; de-earmarking certain Municipal and County local option gross receipts taxes; providing that certain Municipal gross receipts taxes may be used for any Municipal purpose; providing that certain County gross receipts taxes may be use for any County purpose; providing that changes or repeals of certain local option gross receipts taxes shall not impair outstanding revenue bonds; providing that previously dedicated revenue attributable to a local option gross receipts tax being amended or repealed by this act shall continue to be dedicated for the same purposes; amending, repealing and enacting sections of the NMSA 1978.


  9. HOUSE BILL 504; An act making an appropriation for finger print machines Statewide.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Curry County opposes and requests the New Mexico Legislature to not approve the following bills:


  1. HOUSE BILL 26; An act relating to public records; allowing a custodian of public records to charge a reasonable fee for electronic document.


  2. HOUSE BILL 206; An act relating to the environment; enacting the environmental review act; providing rulemaking authority to the environmental improvement board; enumerating the powers and duties of lead and cooperating agencies; making appropriations.


  3. HOUSE BILL 332; An act relating to property tax; adding a new use of land eligible for a special method of valuation for land used primarily for agricultural purposes; creating a special method of valuation for unimproved land.


  4. HOUSE BILL 493: An act relating to criminal procedure; providing a notice and hearing procedure following the use of deadly force by a Law Enforcement Officer; providing exclusive authority for related investigations; requiring a written determination by a District Court Judge; preserving prosecutorial discretion.

ADOPTED and APPROVED on this 5th day of March, 2019.


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