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Red Ribbon Week – October 23 – 31, 2019

Post Date:10/17/2019 2:34 PM

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Red Ribbon Week – October 23 – 31, 2019

“Send a Message.  Stay Drug Free.”

Whereas, the consumption of alcohol and abuse of other drugs in this nation has reached epidemic stages; and,

Whereas, it is imperative that visible, unified prevention education efforts by community members be launched to eliminate the demand and of drugs and alcohol; and,

Whereas, the National Family Partnership is sponsoring the National Red Ribbon Campaign® offering citizens the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to drug- free lifestyles (no use of illegal drugs, no illegal use of legal drugs); and,

Whereas, the National Red Ribbon Campaign® will be celebrated in every community in America during “Red Ribbon Week®”, October 23-31; and

Whereas, many businesses, governmental employees, parents, law enforcement personnel, media, medical organizations, religious institutions, schools, senior citizens, service organizations and youth groups will demonstrate their commitment to living a healthy drug-free lifestyles by wearing and displaying Red Ribbons during this week-long campaign; and

Whereas, our community further commits its resources to ensure the success of the Red Ribbon Campaign® through a partnership between Clovis Municipal Schools, the Curry County DWI Task Force, local law enforcement agencies, the Curry County Office of Substance Abuse Prevention, Cannon Air Force Base, Clovis Main Street and countless other community stakeholders, who are organizing weeklong activities encouraging everyone to take a stand against drugs.

NOW THERFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that I, Chet Spear, Curry County Chairman, do hereby proclaim October 23 -31, 2019, as RED RIBBON WEEK® and encourage all citizens to participate in drug prevention education activities, and help make a visible statement that we are strongly committed to a drug-free state.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have here unto subscribed my name to be affixed this 15th day of October 2019.


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