We regret during this time of the Covid-19 Virus Pandemic not being able to extend due dates or offer any waiver of penalty and interest. New Mexico Law prohibits the practice.

The State of New Mexico has not waived nor extended the payment due date for Property Taxes nor has it waived the penalty and interest for late payment of Property Taxes. 

The second half property taxes must be paid by May 10 to avoid penalty and interest. Mail postmarked by May 10, 2020 will be accepted. 



The Mission of the Curry County Treasurer’s Office is to provide prompt, professional and courteous service to all the citizens of Curry County as well as all persons and agencies involved with County government. This office strives to assist the public and Curry County departments with honesty and accountability when accepting tax payments and answering question pertaining to the collection, distribution and improvements required by law for the office of the Curry County Treasurer.

The Treasurer’s Office is the property tax collector for the County of Curry, City of Clovis, the State of New Mexico, and other taxing agencies within Curry County.

Tax bills are mailed on or before November 1 of each year. At least one-half of the current year taxes must be paid by December 10 to avoid interest and penalty charges. All delinquent payments are due at this time as well. The second-half payment becomes due on April 10 and must be paid by May 10 to avoid charges.

Property Taxes may be paid by mail, on-line by clicking on the Property Tax Payment link on the Homepage, in person at the Treasurer’s Office located at 417 Gidding St., Suite 150 in Clovis (Enter building from Axtell St.), and through your mortgage company.

Delinquent notices are mailed to property owners for any tax bill 30 or more days delinquent as of May 10th of each year. The notice will stress that if the taxes, penalty and interest charges are not paid within three years from the date of delinquency, the property will be transferred to the State of New Mexico and sold at public auction.

Treasurer’s Staff

  • Kendall Kempf, Chief Deputy 
  • Joann Lopez, Service Specialist
    • Delinquent Taxes
    • Mortgage Companies
  • Sara Marez, Service Specialist
    • Delinquent Taxes
    • Mobile Homes

Treasurer’s Calendar

  • January 1st – Date by which all property subject to valuation for property taxation purposes shall be valued each tax year.
  • February – Mail out letters of notice, that property is 3 years delinquent.
  • April 10th – Due date for second half taxes.
  • May 10th – Last day to pay on second half taxes.
  • May 11th – Apply interest and penalty charges to second half taxes.
  • June 10th – Mail out delinquent notices.
  • June – Last business day is the last day to pay on taxes that are 3 year past due before being turned over to the state for collection or auction.
  • July 1st – Treasurer transfers 3 years of delinquent tax properties to the state.
  • July 10th – Due date on delinquency notice.
  • August 1st – Start flagging mortgage companies in system.
  • September 1st – State DFA issues mil rates for current tax year.
  • October 1st – Treasurer receives tax roll for current year from Assessor.
  • November 1st – Tax bills are mailed no later than this date.
  • November 10th – Due date for first half taxes.
  • December 10th – Last day to pay on first half or full amount.
  • December 11th – Apply interest and penalty charges to first half taxes. 

Forms & Documents

 Treasurer Reports FY2008-2020